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Dr Ram Malkani
Recent Research

1.Assessment of Complete Hormonal Status in Female Acne Patients - A studyby Dr.Ram Malkani,Dr.G.N.Mansukhani,Dr.Sadikot, Dr.Vandana Budhraja
[published in the Bulletin of Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre]showed that
• 3/4th of women patients had some endocrinal disturbances.
• The mean hormonal values were higher in patients as compared to controls, with Serum Testosterone showing a significant increase.

2. Acanthosis Nigricans: A Marker of Polycystic overian Disease, Insulin Resistance, Obesity.
A study by Dr.Ram Malkani & Dr.Meenakshi Verma [Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre,Mumbai]
• showes that Acanthosis Nigricans(smooth dark black patches present in the skin folds of the neck) is a marker of systemic conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome,insulin resistance & elevated body mass index.