Name: Veera Mehta

I had really bad big pimples around my cheeks & they were very red.,which

made my face look really terrible.I was trying to be patient & waited till they would go on their own.But it had been 5 years & finally I got frustrated with my pimples

As they just got worst.Then I decided to call a phone helpline service to ask them about some good Dermatologist.They gave me several potions & I was confused just then I got a call from Dr.Skin Clinic which gave me a feeling that this was it & eventually it has been true,this definitely was it.My pimples have vanished & even the redness.All credit goes to Dr.Malkani & his team who actually kept telling

Me that my skin would be like a clean sheet of paper,it then seemed unlikely but now I can see the results.I feel really good about myself now.Thank you so so much.

Name: Nandita Kamat
City: Mumbai

I came to see Dr.Ram Malkani at a time when I had completely given up on my acne problem.However, Dr.Malkani assured me a 100% change, and I guess I sorted his treatment only on the basis of his confidence.

I was surprised to see the care that is taken once you are his patient,not only are there regular visits planned along with medicines but also acne spot treatments & mask treatment.

In short,my experience at Dr.Skin has been a pleasant surprise.

Name: Henal Shah
City: Mumbai

Dr.Skin has proved to be given me amazing results in the texture of my skin making it clear & glowing. You can see instant results once you start undergoing the treatment. boosts your self-confidence as your face has a I feel now after coming to Dr.Skin.

Dr.Skin, as they say genuinely gives you spot free skin. It gives you an uplift in your overall personality.

Name: Surabhi
City: Mumbai

I was suffering from the problem of pimples since my school days.I took a whole lot of treatments & medicines but the pimples refused to abandon me. I read about Dr.Malkani’s treatment in the newspaper one day& decided to give it a try.The result has been very positive. The pimples have amazingly decreased & the texture of my skin has improved too. Another noteworthy effect of Dr.Malkani’s treatment has been on my menstrual cycle.It has become less painful.The stomach cramps have subsided.

The behaviour of all the doctors & staff at the clinic is very cooperative & caring.It has become a family to me.

Name: Priyanka D. Teredesai
City: Mumbai

Financial Analyist,ICICI Bank.

Glad to have found out about this clinic.I underwent pimple treatment recently.The treatment proved to be significantly effective over the problem.Pimples have gone completely.The ski recovery progress is terrific.Dr.Malkani & his whole team deserves special mention for their hospitality,friendly & caring attitude & professionality.I am glad with the experience so far & have already started with nrmal skin maintaince schedule.Thanks to the team.

May God bless them all for doing such great work !

Name: Dr.Radhika Desai
City: Mumbai 400052.

I came to Dr.Malkani a year ago,my skin was & covered with pimples & scars.

I thought there was no hope ! I used to apply foundation on a daily basis,even to work,hoping & wanting to cover & hide the ugly marks.One pimple after another,when one went a new one arrived.I used to feel ugly & would worry & concentrate on my pimples a bit too much.

Dr.Malkani was warm,sweet & knowledgable,he told me not to worry & assured me that all my problems would soon come to an end.I was relieved.With his guidance & expert treatment plan,yes,I was cured.No more foundation for me,only clear,clear & growing skin.Everyone is wondering what I have done to my skin.I’ve become more confident & feel great everyday.When I wake up & see myself in the mirror !

I would like to thank Dr.Malkani for this wonderful change in myself,

Its been months now & nonew pimple has arrived on my pretty face!?

I would also like to thank his wonderful staff,who has always been so kind & hospitable.

Thank You Dr.Skin ! You have Really made me Happy & confident !? Love the new me !

Name: Priyanka
City: Virginia,U.S.A

Hey Dr.Malkani this is priyanka here. Just writing back to inform you that everything as far as the skin treatment is concerned is working absolutely fantastic. My face has become very clear. Hopefully nexy week i will try sending you a few pics.So you have a better idea and judge my improvement. I hope you all are doin great. Do give my regards to everyone at the clinic.


Name: Bharat
City : Mumbai

Dear Dr. Malkani:I used to be quite often embarrassed about all my pimples and also refrain from attending social gatherings at times. However I noticed a friend of mine looking a lot better than I did, though he used to have lots of pimples, too. So I asked him what happened, and he said that he started taking Isotretinoin Acnestar 20. I figured if it worked for him, maybe it could work for me. And it did! I feel a lot more positive about myself now. Life is good!I hope this helps.


Name: Shilu
City : Mumbai

Hello doctor,My name is Shilu
I have been under your care for pimple treatment. You recommended
Isotretinoin Acnestar 20 and it has worked wonders. I have been using it for the last 10 months or so and the result is amazing. I flaunt a clear face which i have been struggling to have for the last many years. I use to be scared of looking into the mirror and at one point refused to step out being conscious of the pimples. I have had no side effects or moodswings etc. using isotretinoin.Thanks.


Name: Abeline
City: Goa

Dear Dr. RAm MAlkani
well things are prity fine with me. My face has cleared up a lot it has been only 14 day now since i started with the treatmen of acne.
And i must tell you that all my friends are very impressed by the drastic change on my face.


Name : Pallavi
City : Mumbai

dear sir,

it's been since past 4 months i'm tanking treat on my acne skin.before 4 month my skin was completely damaged with the acne,i've suffered alot coz of skin.i was rejected so many times from my cabin crew interview,but today as i'm taking tret from DR.SKIN today i'm selected for the one of the finest airlines.the treat is so simple & shows drastically changes that i'm very happy.you guys are not only experts but you gives very personalised attention to every patient. my skin is much clear.
thanks to you today i'm very confident that i can look good as never before.


Name: Dr Shruti
City: Rajkot

Resp. Sir,This is Shruti Hemani from Rajkot. I consulted you at Jaslok last Friday.
Thank you very much for your help with my acne and erythema problem.
Since college days I have been having acne and the only time my face really cleared out was when I was under your treatment during my Jaslok PICU days. Wish I could always remain under your treatment.
Will keep you informed regarding the follow up, sir.

Thanks a million.Yours sincerely,