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6 Months Skin Lightening Treatment

Medicines are prescribed
12 consultations where counseling, realistic alignment, evaluation at each visit
12 Skin lightening Treatments   as under
Ultrasonic facials, peels, skin lightening cream facials,
Instant Glow facial, Vitamin C, Arbutin mask
Rs 8000=00 to be paid before starting treatment

Skin Lightening Programme

DOLPHIN mask, VISIOACTIVe hydrogel mask
Apiclair and KOZILITE
Honey fair hydrating mask
Arbutin mask, Vitamin C mask
Sensiphase and One tone facial
Ultrasonic facial CLEAR SKIN, Dilute Instant Glow cream
PHYSIOGEL and VITADERM C cream facial
GLYCOSID and XINBEST cream facial
Camill cream and Livalite lotion facial
Chemical peel
Wriklair and V TOP cream facial

Pigmentation on face can be due to
the following cause

Dark circles under eyes
1)Pigmentation Demarcation lines
2)Atopic dermatitis
3)Frictional amyloid
4)Hemosiderin deposits
6)Acanthosis Nigicans

2)Hori`s nevus
4)Lichen planus pigmentosus
5)Polymorphic light eruption
6)Actinic Lichen planus
7)Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
8)Seborrheic Dermatitis
9)Contact pigmentnation
10)Photoallergic/Phototoxic dermatitis
11)Vitamin B12 deficiency
12)Lichenoid drug reaction

A detailed history taken,cause eliminated,treatment given
Proceedure-pigmentation regimen
Facials with creams in order below, changed every 2 months
Clear skin cream
Instant glow cream
Rejuvenation cream
Resurfacing cream
Under eye cream dispensed

Skin Colour and Pigmentation

Skin Colour

There is a great diversity in the colour of human skin across the globe,from the very distinct pink color of the Celtic skin to the very dark skin types present in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa.

The skin colour is determined by different chromophores,such as hemoglobin, carotenoids and melanin. The colour is one of the ways in which humans differ and has been widely used to define races.

Human skin color can range from almost black (due to very high concentrations of the dark brown pigment melanin) to nearly colorless (appearing reddish white due to the blood vessels under the skin) in different people. Skin color is determined by the amount and type of melanin, the pigment in the skin. Melanin plays an important role in protecting human skin from harmful effects of UV sun radiation and in scavenging toxic drugs and chemicals.It determines our race and appearance.Variation in skin color is largely due to genetics.

Melasma is an irregular brown or grayish-brown facial hypermelanosis, often affecting women, especially those living in areas of intense UV radiation. The precise cause of melasma remains unknown; however, there are many possible contributing factors. Because of its dermal component and tendency to relapse, melasma is often difficult to treat.

The use of broad-spectrum (UVA + UVB) sunscreen is important, as is topical hydroquinone, the most common treatment for melasma. Other lightening agents include retinoic acid (tretinoin) and azelaic acid. Combination therapies such as hydroquinone, tretinoin, and corticosteroids have been used in the treatment of melasma, and are thought to increase efficacy as compared with monotherapy. Kojic acid, isopropylcatechol, N-acetyl-4-cysteaminylphenol, and flavonoid extracts are other compounds that have been investigated for their ability to produce hypopigmentation, but their efficacy, safety, or trial design indicates that the interventions would need further study before they could be recommended.

Chemical peels, laser treatments, and intense pulsed light therapy are additional therapeutic modalities that have been used to treat melasma.







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